Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (Peppermint Flavour - 3000mg - 100mg/ml)-CBD Tinctures

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (Peppermint Flavour - 3000mg - 100mg/ml)


The strongest concentration - Rawganica Black Label 3000Mg Broad Spectrum CBD

The new peppermint flavoured broad spectrum CBD oil from Rawganica incorporates some of the best attributes of both full spectrum CBD oil and isolate based CBD oil.

The main difference between broad spectrum oil and the full spectrum oils that Rawganica is known for is that this tincture is lab tested at 0.0% THC. However, this Rawganica product still contains a broad range of other cannabinoids that may help create what is commonly referred to as the entourage effect.

The other great thing about this tincture is the tasty mint flavour which makes taking this product a truly enjoyable experience. If you are in the market for the best broad spectrum product on the market, this is the one.

Product Details

  • 3000mg of Broad Spectrum CBD oil extracted from Industrial Hemp
  • 100mg per serving
  • Size: 30ml bottle
  • Peppermint Flavour
  • non-GMO 
  • NO Pesticides
  • Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts), Cannabidiol (CBD), Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Natural Flavors, Rebaudioside A,
    Turmeric (For Color). CONTAINS COCONUT.